A Society for All Ages
Online Sessions

3rd edition of Interactions Symposium on the theme “A Society for All Ages”, this year organized in the format of online thematic sessions.

Starting January 20, every Wednesday, at 2:30 p.m.

Sessão 14 / Session 14 (21.04.2021)

Sessão 13 / Session 13 (14.04.2021)

Sessão 12 / Session 12 (07.04.2021)

The 3rd Edition of the InterActions Symposium, organized by the Mission Unit “Lisbon – City of All Ages” of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, gathers a group of academics, researchers, decision makers, entrepreneurs and other experts in the field of longevity and ageing. In 16 online thematic sessions, the challenges of promoting a society for all ages will be discussed. The main aim is to inform and encourage the sharing of good practices and the views of different departments and services of Santa Casa on this issue.

The thematic sessions will focus on a wide range of topics in the area of ageing, such as aspects related to the social representation of older people and stereotypes of ageing, and the process of transition to retirement, addressing the challenges related to ‘Ageing in Place’ in the digital age. Particular emphasis will be placed on the residential component and community space as levers to facilitate the transition from hospital to the community, with implications for policy regarding continuity of care.

Distinguished national experts in the area will be joined by international specialists who will contribute to a better understanding of the challenges we face in affirming a more equitable, cohesive and inclusive society for all ages.

To register for the online session, simply access the link and fill in the form.

Pessoas a passear no Terreiro do Paço

Session 1



Opening session – Friendly Cities for All Ages: a life cycle approach

Idoso a andar no passeio

Session 2



Ageing Portugal: Challenges of Longevity

Edifícios antigos de Lisboa

Session 3



Ageing in place: friendly housing experiences in Europe and in the USA

Elétrico cheio a circular em Lisboa

Session 4



Ageing and living in the city: accessibility and inclusion

Crianças a brincar com bolas de sabão na Praça do Rossio

Session 5



Lisbon, a city for all ages: the role of public space


Session 6



Returning Home: an Integrated Approach to Mobility


Session 7



Shifting from Hospital to the Community: Strategies to Ensure the Continuing Care


Session 8



Planning and Providing Care: The Informal Caregiver’s role


Session 9



Local Information Management Centers on Longevity & Ageing


Session 10



Continuity of Care: Coordinating the Health and the Social Spheres


Session 11



Ageing in the Digital Era: Technology Support Services


Session 12



Strategies for Transitioning into Retirement: methodologies & practices

Homem a ler o jornal

Session 13



Social Representations of Ageing: Ageism, Image and Stereotypes

duas mulheres a caminhar

Session 14



Consumption and New Opportunities in the Gray Economy

criança abraça idosa

Session 15



Longevity: Self-determination & Social Commitment